DIY: New Job Survival Kit - Gift idea

Hi Assalammualaikum...

Last a few months I have a new office mate. She was having their practical period at my department floor. So, after she finish this period, she will looking a new world. Work! Oh my! She had grown up. And I also will finish my job at that company! So, I Looking at something present for our farewell party and good luck for her. After a few days I was searching! We were looking something a good idea. Like a something different and unique. What a good things can’t be a good gift for our love. Yeah! Everything looks nice. Cheap. Sweet. But my theme will run on a place. Its right? Whatever...

So, last minute searching, I found this idea. It was grade. It about a new job. And she loves everything about blue color. Wow! Okay! Let’s shopping!

How much the budget? Actually, I’m looking the good and quality stationary. So the total is RM35. I made her this handy new job survival kit. I detailed the contents of her kit in her survival kit card and its job.

  The survival kit included the following items:
  • glue stick: help you when things get tough
  • lip balm: used when you rushing
  • sticky notes: note all the new part of the job
  • pen: permanently record all your sharp ideas
  •  paperclips: to hold everything together
  • Card holder: make sure all your new office mate remind our name!
  • Pencil:  write what in your mind
  • Erasers: we’ll make mistakes
  • Highlighter: to remind you that you are the highlight of my day.
  • Notebook: To write things down before you forget.
  • Ruler: make your own straight line.
  • Scissor: cut everything when you stress
  • Wet tissue:  used when you eat at your table.
  • Pouch: keep everything secret in this beg.
The tag?  No tag. But you can printed this below as your wish tag or card.

just click the pic. and saved. 

finished it all off by adding colored tissue paper to the pouch like a gift bag, wrapping pencils, pens, and highlighters in ribbon, and stuffing of goodies

Easy as can be!

Then when a lunch time, we had a party to celebrate her new job and to help her transition to her new position soon. 

It was so cute to see her hand it over. She seemed delighted by the surprise and spent a couple of minutes going over all the goodies with my oldest. They even hugged. It was a fantastic ice breaker; I'm so glad we did it!

This is a fun project to help your kids get over those first-day jitters. Let them help you choose inexpensive items (ours came from Target and the Dollar Tree) to purchase and then assemble the kit together. I think she's looking forward to her first day of work today!


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