blog Tutorial: Remove the Space between Gadgets at Sidebar

Hi Assalammualaikum…

I had changed my blog. I tried to make something different. But I can’t.  It quite boring right? It simple. Easy to you to browsing in my world...maybe some of you are the newbie. Or some looking something code to make up your blog right? Here I help you… are you looking for code  

Remove the Space between Gadgets at Sidebar

.sidebar .widget {margin: 5px 0;}

Now how to apply it right. Now easy to changed our blog…just do this:

How to get there:
  1. Log into your Blogger account
  2. Go into the Template section
  3. then click the Customize button
  4. then go to the advanced section
  5. Scroll down to Add CSS and click.
  6. Paste the code. Make sure you copy the blank space too…
  7. Change the Red Code if you want at the 1 till 10 side...
  8.  See the changing and save
If you don't understand. Just let me know okay! Happy blogging!

Good luck!


Rachel said…
it works! thank you!!

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