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Hi Assalammualaikum..

Here my forth handmade. I make for my gurl. I know it must be late arrived at her hand. But, i hope she like it. I make for her 23rd birthday. last 13rd May 2012. It a Note Book. She love pink. But i can find the pink fancy paper. But this so cute for her. Hope she like it..if she like it. I'll jump!! Yeah

Must be lot of you asking me how about the cos right. Actually the handmade thing it so expencive. And too hard to find the stuff in our country Malaysia. But i found one shope but they not opend daily. Twice a month. Damn. But it got for us. I had time to think the theme. 

Yeah! For this book it not so much budjet. it for A5 notebook

Inside Paper: 25s/per set RM3.50
Hard Cover: RM0.90
Fancy Cover Paper: 2s RM3.50/per (X2=RM7.00)
Lace: 1Meter RM1.20
Green Color Paper: RM0.60
M Alphabert: RM0.60 (size)
Flower: Big - RM1.40/per
Small - RM0.60/per (X2=RM1.20)
Dimond: RM0.60/per (X2=RM1.20)
Small Ribbon: 1Yard RM0.60
Extra Acsesoriss: RM3.00 (not more than RM5. i'll make sure)

Cos Custom: glue/tape/sewing/bla..bla..bla..I didn't know how to count. Hihihi

Total: Around RM18.20

Not including cos custom and Extra Accsesoriss and also profit..hihi

So what you think? It is expensive?

 For me if i can make my besti happy wif my gift. Huhu..

i know it late...but..happy belated bufday..
and Congratulations...couse u get the job...

well done...see u soon k..

hope..ko suka present yang tak seberapa dari aku ni..k..hihihihi


Mra Mastura said…
uuuu asal mcm tau je utk sape?? uuuuu!! hahahah
awek retro said…
jangan perasan k..hahaha

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DIY: Guestbook